Exhibitor/Vendor Information


$50     Non profit/state agencies
$90     For profit organizations/companies


Setup begins: TBD. 
Booth Standards

  • In order to create a polished look in the hotel, each exhibitor is strongly urged to display their products in the most professional manner possible. A professional image not only enhances an exhibitor’s appearance, but also encourages conference attendees to stop at an exhibitor’s booth.
  • Each booth will be approximately 6’ by 4’.
  • Exhibitors should have their own backwall, if necessary. Items may not be pinned or hung in any fashion to the walls of the exhibit area.
  • All tables will be skirted. Surplus materials should be stored or hidden in the booth so as to create a neat appearance.
  • Any items displayed in the booth or any services promoted from a booth must be listed on the contract.
  • Please use professionally printed signs whenever possible, as handwritten signs tend to diminish the professional appearance of a booth.
  • Each exhibitor is strongly encouraged to provide his or her employees with some sort of name badge.

Tables and skirting will be provided for booths. Backwalls and other set-up items must be supplied by the exhibitor. 

Parking is free to all entering VRW. 

Teardown no later than TBD.  We realize some exhibitors may have a need to teardown their booths earlier. Feel free to remove your booths at any time, but please be courteous to conference attendees and other exhibitors. *Refunds will not be issued if you choose to teardown prior to Thursday. 

Sound Use
Exhibits that contain or require sound are permitted as long as it is kept to a level as to not disturb any other exhibits or the conference workshops.

There is hotel security; however, the ultimate responsibility rests with the exhibitor to secure items in the booth space. 

We will not be responsible to any person, individual, corporation, or association for any loss by fire, theft, damage, or personal injury sustained by anyone through the negligence of any person or group of persons.

Disregard of any rule or order issued to exhibitors forfeits all premiums and rights without recourse.

Exhibitor and Vendor Application

Please submit the signed application, guidelines and payment to:
South Carolina Victim Assistance Network (SCVAN)
Attn: VRW Exhibits
PO Box 212863
Columbia, SC 29221